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  • Does your business plan address your growing online audience?
  • How can your organization benefit from a dedicated social media community?
  • How will you increase your return-on-investment with your web presence?
  • What does success mean to you in the digital space? How do you measure it?

As a business owner, manager or executive, these are fundamental business questions. Whether your client-base is B2C or B2B, they are online. Canadians top the list for the world’s heaviest Internet users. These customers and potential customers are searching for information related to your product or service and then making decisions on who to purchase from.

Chris offers consultation to improve your business plan and guide your online business ideas. Importantly, we offer our strategic planning services within the context of measuring success with web analytics.

  • What is your website’s business objective?
  • What is it designed to accomplish?

These are primary questions that must be answered in order to utilize your web presence to its full potential as a marketing tool for your company. Clickside consulting works with business leaders and their web teams to establish websites that convert traffic to your business goals.