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If you’re in online marketing then:

1) You have combined your marketing & communications skill set with your hobby/passion for information technology & coding to become a ‘web guru’ for hire.

2) You’re a marketer “taking care of the Internet” on behalf of a company, know the difference between JavaScript and Java, and find yourself in constant need of the IT department.

This blog post is for the latter: Indeed, online marketing efforts and information technology go hand-in-hand. An online marketer can set up a display ad strategy within a page-takeover buy, create geo-targeted ad groups for your latest PPC campaign, or A/B split-test your bi-monthly e-newsletter…but at some point you need your efforts to point to a website and do something; convert to a business action, be added to a database, collect survey information, whatever. And that’s what IT does…for you…when they can…which may involve code creation…or database manipulation. As you already know, its a classic love-hate relationship.

If you’ve been chatting with your IT brethren recently, you’ve heard about HTML5. You’ve heard that apps, websites, mobile sites, and web-based templates should be built with this coding innovation in-mind. Then you hear other information, likely from the ‘web guru’ who will tell you that HTML5 is coming, but that as a marketer in your industry, it’s nothing to worry about for now.

So which is it? Watch these helpful videos to make your own opinion on this nebulous topic. It may be just enough information to start calling you a web guru:

What Is HTML5?

HTML5 – Explained

Why Do We Need HTML5?


Chris Lamb

Chris Lamb

Chris Lamb is the president of Clickside Digital Communications, Inc. an Internet marketing agency & consultancy helping organizations meet their business-goals online. Clickside is based in Calgary, Canada.
Chris Lamb