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Christopher Lamb, Principal & Founder  A proven marketer with more than a decade of experience in tourism & event marketing, Chris has worked extensively with Canadian and international destination marketing organizations, the Calgary Stampede, world-class ski resorts, mid-sized retailers and business management. As a departmental director Chris spear-headed national and international online marketing campaigns and web development projects while gaining a reputation for providing statistically validated programs that exceeded project goals.

Chris founded Clickside in 2011 as a consultancy to help companies navigate digital marketing opportunities. Chris is a partner at the business coaching & digital marketing firm CPG Media. A conference speaker and writer, he lives with his wife and family in Calgary, Canada.

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Web Business Intelligence

Web intelligence is a combination of web analytics (statistics that display how your web visitors interact with your overall Internet presence), and business intelligence (the process of data mining and analysis in order to understand your customers’ mindset, demographics, and purchasing behaviours).

The challenge is, most marketers and business leaders do not understand the analytical capabilities of their web presence and therefore neglect:

  • proper analytical measurement
  • proper goal-setting for your web presence
  • proper reporting for senior management

As a result your web business intelligence is suffering.

Unlike most other marketing vehicles and tactics, Internet marketing has a distinct advantage with its ability to offer precise analytics measurement towards conversion, return-on-investment (ROI), or return-on-engagement (ROE) metrics.

Using analytics properly aids your company’s business intelligence online. Clickside works with decision makers to establish business goals to measure your digital communiations & marketing programs. Those goals can be measured through your website, Internet marketing, and social media analytics.

Ask us about our Web Analytics training programs today!

Web Analytics

We Train organizations and individuals to understand web analytics/reporting tools and to integrate it within their own organization.

Did you know? Your web properties already generate statistics that will help you make better business decisions online. Whether its your website, social media accounts, or online ad programs, your staff has the opportunity to read this data and compile it into easily understood reports. Clickside offers training programs that empower your internal teams to develop analytical reporting programs that display business objectives while demonstrating a return-on-investment/return-on-engagement.

Clickside Training specifically includes:

  • Understanding Website Analytics terms and statistics
  • Educating the need for web analytics as a form of business measurement, ROI, and ROE.
  • Introducing how to extract useful analytical data from your website and web programs.
  • Educating staff to create web analytics reporting for management


Clickside excels at delivering targeted social media and e-marketing campaigns. Chris’ clear understanding of effective web strategies for business and in-depth strategic guidance have resulted in the implementation of award-winning social media campaigns, and his expertise has proved invaluable. As an organization, we will continue to use the sound advice and analytics of Clickside Digital Communications.

Tanya Otis

Manager of Communications, Media and Advertising, Sunshine Village Ski and Snowboard Resort

Award of Achievement in Web Analytics

We are a graduate of the UBC Award of Achievement in Web Analytics program.


Clickside began in 2011 as a consultancy offering online marketing strategy and tactical solutions for its clientele. We continue to offer that service today with many consultative options.

Perhaps your end-goal is clear but your organization doesn’t understand how it will get there; perhaps you don’t have required expertise in-house to make effective decisions; Clickside consulting will help you take the best step forward in the following areas:


Today’s retailers find success offering digital signage solutions within their stores, shops, booths, and more. It is an effective medium for engaging your customer, with statistics showing a 30% increase in sales over other traditional forms of in-store marketing and communication methods.

Clickside offers turn-key digital signage solutions for your retail environment. We have partnered with industry-leading providers in order to give you solutions that work.

Contact us today for a one-hour free consultation to see how digital signage can enhance your retail presence.


Does your business plan address your growing Internet audience?
How can your organization benefit from a dedicated social media community?
How will you increase your ROI with your web presence?

As a business owner, manager or executive, these are fundamental business questions. Whether your client-base is B2C or B2B, they are online. Canadians top the list for the world’s heaviest Internet users. These customers and potential customers are searching for information related to your product or service and then making decisions on who to purchase from.

Clickside offers Internet marketing strategic planning to improve your business plan and guide your online business ideas. Importantly, we offer our strategic planning services within the context of measuring success with web analytics.


What is your website’s business objective? What is it designed to accomplish? This is a fundamental question that must be answered in order to utilize your web presence to its full potential as a marketing tool for your company. Clickside consulting works with business leaders and their web teams to establish websites that convert traffic to your business goals.

Chris’ expertise is valuable in our on-going efforts to maintain a high SEO ranking for our company’s website. Our strong search engine and blogging presence would be impossible to maintain without his dedication and effort.

Julie Tilley

Co-Founder & Safety Professional, Workforce Compliance Safety

Clickside is the best in Calgary when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and email deployment. Chris is also a talented digital marketer with many years of experience.

Shawn Alain

President, Viral in Nature Inc.

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